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240 Cantabrian farmers will distribute 75,000 euros in aid to sheep and goats

The Regional Ministry of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Government of Cantabria has announced extraordinary aid for the sheep-goat sector, which aims to alleviate the losses suffered as a result of the state of alarm. 75,000 euros will be for the sheep-goat subsector, affected by the closure of catering establishments and the fall in sales of lambs and little lambs.

In the case of the sheep-goat sector, the Ministry has lowered the lower limit of eligible animals: from 50 sheep and 30 goats set by the Royal Decree of the Ministry, to a minimum of 10 sheep and 10 goats in the call of the Ministry, which better reflects, according to Blanco, “the reality of the size of the farms in our community.”

Each farm is paid 12 euros per eligible sheep or goat, with up to a maximum of 100 animals per beneficiary. Therefore, the maximum per beneficiary is 1,200 euros for each of the species. The total amount of this aid is 75,000 euros, of which the Ministry contributes 19,000 and the Government of Cantabria the remaining 56,000 euros.