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Agriculture launches a promotion campaign for the consumption of ‘Alimentos de España

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has launched a campaign to promote the consumption of ‘Alimentos de España’, which highlights the quality of agricultural and fishery products. In addition, the campaign wants to serve as a tribute to farmers, ranchers and fishermen for their daily effort, which, along with the rest of the food chain, have guaranteed food supplies to Spanish society during the coronavirus crisis.

Under the slogan ‘The art of knowing how’, this campaign will take place, starting this Friday in the press, the internet, cinemas and outdoor advertising. With it, attention is drawn to the “excellent” quality of Spanish food, with special reference to seasonal and local foods, as well as those that have been particularly affected by the closure of the Horeca channel.

The #AlimentosDEspaña campaign on social networks will have as one of its objectives the promotion of these products most affected by the closure. For this, the message # Alimentáisnuestravida, which has been present on different social platforms in these months of confinement, will continue to be disseminated.