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Aid for the Iberian pig sector in Extremadura, “very deficient” and a “marketing” operation

Extremadura farmers have denounced that the line of aid that the Government had launched to alleviate the consequences of Covid-19 in the Iberian pig sector have been “very deficient” because they have not reached the farmers and have remained only in a marketing operation.

According to APAG Extremadura Asaja complaint, of the announced item of 10 million euros for the production of Iberian pigs throughout Spain, only 298,480 euros have been distributed, or what is the same, only 7,426 pigs have benefited. In Extremadura, the assigned figure has been ridiculous, being only 62,080 euros, 10 million, 0.62% of the total, 1,552 Iberian pigs benefiting from this subsidy.

Asaja has requested the Ministry of Agriculture that the money not consumed from these aid to the Iberian pig be redirected so that the farmer can opt for them in a real way and not fictitious as before. These funds are very necessary for Iberian pig farmers, which is why a new line of aid must be opened that is “agile and efficient”.