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Anafric regrets the closure of the restoration and asks the Generalitat for more conciliatory measures with one of the most important sectors of the Catalan economy

The Cárnica Business Association, Anafric, considers that the restaurant sector is being seriously harmed, not only by the coronavirus pandemic, but by the “certainly excessive” decisions of the Generalitat de Catalunya. “This is our annus horribilis for the catering sector. And we cannot let it sink any further,” says José Friguls, president of the meat entity.

The catering sector represents “a very important sector of the Catalan economy” and without them, other sectors will be seriously involved in the ropes, such as companies that distribute meat, especially certain cuts of beef and sheep. “We ask the Generalitat to negotiate, to listen to the sector and to demand individual responsibilities from those who are the true culprits of the outbreaks in most economic sectors. We are paying just, for sinners.”

From Anafric the Generalitat is requested to establish lines of aid for the sector and “that they are received immediately”.