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Anafric signs a collaboration agreement with the Generalitat de Catalunya for the purchase of fresh products from small producers with difficulties by Covid-19

As a result of the health crisis caused by COVID19 and the declaration of the state of alarm, many producers of perishable fresh produce have lost their marketing channels linked to catering and tourism. That is why from various public institutions, sectoral associations and small producers of frescoes we have decided to carry out an initiative that aims to promote the output of perishable products having as main interlocutor, in this case, the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Anafric,  with FECIC; the Generalitat with the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food; the Fundación Banco de los Alimentos  and small producers are the 4 legs of this large chain whose ultimate goal is for the perishable product to be distributed to the families who need it most through the Food Bank Foundation.

How will this action be performed?

  • The Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food has created a grant of 4 million euros to provide financial support to affected producers by purchasing their products.
  • Anafric, responsible for providing the most suitable format for meat to be distributed.
  • The Fundación Banco de los Alimentos will distribute the meat to the social entities that need it most.

How long can they make product deliveries?

From May 20 to July 20 in the 4 branches of Banc dels Aliments in Catalonia

What do the aids consist of?

A maximum of € 4,000 to € 10,000 per producer depending on the type of product, or € 75,000 per producer group with an aid percentage of 85% of the value of the unsold product.