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Brussels studies excluding meat from its promotion policy

Expertos de la Comisión Europea y representantes de organizaciones debatieron sobre los próximos cambios en la política promoción agroalimentaria. Desde el equipo de promoción de la Comisión Europea, han explica a EfeAgro que existen tres opciones que la Comisión baraja para la próxima revisión de la política:

Experts from the European Commission and representatives of organizations discussed the next changes in the agri-food promotion policy. From the promotion team of the European Commission, they have explained to EfeAgro that there are three options that the Commission is considering for the next review of the policy:

Option 1: Continue working on the current policy, using the annual work programs to adjust the campaigns to the priorities set by Brussels, especially in the field of sustainability.

Option 2: Adjust and limit actions in the internal market to the objectives set in the “From Farm to Fork” strategy, which aims to promote more sustainable food production and consumption, while allowing other actions to be financed in third parties countries.

Option 3: Total revision and exclusion of some products, such as meat.

Position: While many consumers and NGOs are in favor of removing products such as meat and alcohol from promotion, countries and producer organizations are opposed.

According to EFE, “Brussels will take into account the different views and will examine each one of them, analyzing the advantages and problems that may arise” and the environmental, economic, sustainability and social impact, to later carry out an objective evaluation. “Our The intention is not to stigmatize any sector in particular, not to attack any” and especially those that are very important for the agri-food economy,” sources from the European Commission indicated.

What is being done now and will continue in the future is to increase the percentage of the budget for the promotion of fruit and vegetables and include plant-based products.