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The term of the PAC has been extended until May 31

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has published in the BOE the order that extends, until next May 15, the deadline for submitting the single application for Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) aid for the year 2021 throughout Spain.…

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€ 8,070 million extra for European farmers in two years. Objective: improvements in environmental and animal welfare measures

La Unión Europea ha llegado a un acuerdo con el Parlamento Europeo (junto a la Comisión Europea) sobre la ampliación de las normas actuales de la PAC hasta finales de 2022, la denominada PAC transitoria para 2021 y 2022,  así como para distribuir 8.070 millones de euros adicionales del Instrumento europeo de Recuperación (Next Generation UE) a los agricultores europeos en estos dos años.
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The European Parliament allows each state to regulate meat names for products that are not

The European Parliament has rejected prohibiting vegetable products from having the same names as meat products, such as hamburgers. But member states can regulate this issue at the national level. For the European Union of Livestock and Meat Industries (UECBV), although "the harmonized protection of the EU provided for meat names" would have been better, however, they see positive the decision to regulate it at the national level.
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