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Despite the decrease in consumption on Christmas menus, lamb and veal will continue to be the favorite dishes for these christmas holidays

Lamb will continue to be the preferred household, for 47% of households, but with a reduction of 13%. Seafood will suffer a 15% drop in its consumption compared to the previous year 2019, being the second preferred main dish for this year for 45%. Beef, chicken and salmon will remain with reductions of 4%.

According to a query made to consumers by AINIA Consumer Influencers, on December 21, 2020, consumers will buy 12% less food products than they usually buy for Christmas dinners and meals compared to previous years

The majority of consumers, 60%, tend to prepare the same recipes, while 40% tend to innovate. This percentage is maintained this year. Likewise, 98% will continue to cook Christmas dishes at home.

Drink consumption will also be reduced. Red wines will continue to be the most consumed, it will be in 63% of households, but with a reduction in consumption of 14%. White wines will see a 12% drop, being present in 58% of the surveyed households.

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