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Documentary on the protection of animals transported by boat from Spain

Asoprovac presents a new video on the conditions of animal transport by boat: the reality of guaranteeing their protection. Asoprovac, the Spanish Association of Beef Producers, launches a second report on the European regulation of animal welfare. It is a video that aims to publicize the reality of live bovine exports, in this case from one of the main Spanish ports of departure, Cartagena.


The recording was made at the beginning of September under the coordination of Asoprovac and with the collaboration of the Port of Cartagena and the Blázquez Maritime Agency.


The result is this video that allows the viewer to approach the infrastructures and authorizations that the ports of departure must have, as well as the Spanish operators that participate in this activity, all under the supervision of the competent authorities, both at the point of departure, as well as the Autonomous Communities of origin and the Ministry of Agriculture itself.


The Association also reminds that the care and protection of animals in Europe is in constant legislative evolution and is one of the hallmarks of European production largely unknown to consumers.