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€ 8,070 million extra for European farmers in two years. Objective: improvements in environmental and animal welfare measures

The European Union has reached an agreement with the European Parliament (together with the European Commission) on the extension of the current rules of the CAP until the end of 2022, the so-called transitional CAP for 2021 and 2022, as well as to distribute 8,070 million additional euros from the European Recovery Instrument (Next Generation EU) to European farmers in these two years.

A distribution of recovery funds for the agricultural sector is established in the next two years: 30% of the € 8,070 million will be available in 2021 and the remaining 70% in 2022.

Member States should take into account that, of these funds, around a third of the total budget (37%) finance environmental (ecological) and animal welfare measures, and that more than half of the total budget (55%) is allocated to measures of social and digital transformation.

“Extending the current rules for two more years and until the new CAP is agreed and implemented, provides the predictability and certainty that all farmers in Europe need so badly during the COVID-19 crisis. The EU will continue to fund programs for rural development and offering support to European farmers through direct payments, while ensuring a smooth transition to the next CAP period “, explains Marija Vučković, Croatian Minister of Agriculture