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In memory of Baltasar Moralejo

There by the 90’s, the National Association of Ovine-Caprine Meat Industries (ANICOC) entered the ANAFRIC initiating here the strong presence of this sector in the association; This presence was culminated at the beginning of the year 2000 with the inclusion of the National Association of Livestock Breeders of Ovine Meat (OVICEBO). As of today, ANAFRIC is the most representative national association in commercialization of sheep and goat meat from Spain, and its associated companies account for 69% of this sector.

That is why today, we regret having to report the death of Mr. Baltasar Moralejo, one of the founding members of ANICOC and who initiated the march of the company that is now MORALEJO SELECCIÓN.

Friend Baltasar, get our warmest goodbye and we send a warm hug to the whole family.