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Farmers take to the streets to ask the Government for help to stop the rise in raw materials

Thousands of farmers, ranchers, irrigators and hunters from all over Spain have demanded this Sunday through the streets of Madrid urgent measures and a future for the rural environment, which is suffering from the current socio-political situation, especially due to the war in Ukraine and the strike of transport, and by the general increase in costs derived from the rise in raw materials. Under the slogan ‘The rural world awakes’, the demonstrators, more than 400,000 people, according to estimates, have experienced a “historic event”, which they have described as a “before and after” for the agricultural sector.

Luis Planas warns: stopping food distribution is illegal

The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, has called for responsibility in relation to the transport strike and the “group of people” who “are boycotting and carrying out violent actions”, in addition to “disturbing” distribution in Spain of many goods, basically from the agri-food sector. Planas has recalled that the pickets that prevent small farmers from delivering their milk, fruit and vegetables from reaching the markets or boats from going out to fish, carry out “an illegal and immoral action” against the work carried out by these professionals. .