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How much does the cysticercosis cost in the beef sector in Catalonia?

In a study conducted at IRTA-CReSA by Minerva Laranjo on the cost of cysticercosis in the beef sector in Catalonia during the period 2013-2015, it concludes that it was 142,000 euros / year.

Cysticercosis (the beef is the intermediate host of the parasite in the muscle) or teniasis (humans are the definitive host in the intestine), has a total cost of 155,000 euros / year, of which 142,000 euros / year is for Meat sector and 13,000 euros / year the associated cost for the people affected.

Both, at the sectoral and human health level, cysticercosis / teniasis has a very low incidence in slaughterhouses (0.01%) and in the population (41 to 63 cases / year).

With regard to the total turnover of the sector, the cost it represents is low, with the departure of the cost of more incidence due to post-mortem inspections (82% of the cost and supported by health authorities), followed by the losses derived from seizure and freezing of carcass (9.4%, supported by the meat sector) and the cost associated with teniasis in people (8.6%).

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