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Intercarn is consolidating itself as an international hub for the marketing of meat products

Just over a month after its celebration, Intercarn, Alimentaria’s meat and dairy products show, has already occupied all the available commercial space. The sector, which is confirmed as the main business and internationalization platform for the Spanish meat industry, will bring together more than 200 exhibitors and occupy more than 14,000 net euros, consolidating itself as the largest area of ​​the whole event.

With the main companies and associations in the sector

Among the more than 200 confirmed exhibitors, the main companies in the sector are included: El Pozo, Noel Alimentaria, Grupo Baucells Alimentación, Anafric, Beher, Carpisa, Compan, Compañía General Càrnia, Coren, Corporación Alimentaria Guissona, Distribuciones del Jamon Cerezo, Embutidos Monells, Grupo Costa, Grupo Norteños, Grupo Tello Alimentación, Grupo Uvesa, Jamones Aljomar, Jamones y Embutidos Jaem, Jorge Pork Meat, La Selva, Litera Meat, Splendid Foods, Grupo Vall Companys, among many other firms.

Likewise, the most representative associations in the sector also continue to support Intercarn, such as the Interprofessional Agri-Food Organization of the Spanish White-Caped Pig (INTERPORC), the Business Federation of Meat and Meat Industries (FECIC), or the Business Association Meat (ANAFRIC), among others.

Alimentaria Exhibitions has signed an agreement with the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC) to become a strategic collaborator of the Congress of Meat and Processed Products organized by the entity on March 15 and 16 in Lleida.

The meeting will bring together executives and professionals from leading companies in the meat industry to discuss and analyze the trends that will mark the future, including the revaluation of the primary sector and sustainable production, as well as communication and transparency towards a consumer. more responsible.