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INTEROVIC bets on lamb and kid meat as a sustainable alternative at Madrid Fusión

Within the framework of the campaign ‘Tasty and Sustainable. Choose European origin’, Interovic participates from March 28 to 30 in Madrid Fusión under the motto ‘More than 3,000 years in balance with the environment’ to make lamb and kid meat known, valued and brought closer to the public in one of its best moments of consumption, spring, when the pastures, forests and meadows are greener and with better nutritional conditions that are complemented by the consumption of cereals.

“Lamb and kid meat has been with us for more than 3,000 years, but it is now that it is revolutionizing the way it is presented thanks to new cuts and formats focused on the hotel industry. Madrid Fusión will be our showcase to exhibit the latest innovations carried out by the sector and position sheep and goat meat as the most natural and sustainable” says the president of INTEROVIC, Raúl Muñiz.

Cutting workshop, jam sessions and demonstrations

During the three days of Madrid Fusión, INTEROVIC will be at stand 14.0B070 EF where lamb meat cutting and preparation workshops will be held by master butcher Daniel Herrero. Live, the second-generation butcher at the head of Carnicerías Herrero in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) will cut a lamb to show new cuts that are not yet known by the general public but are of great gastronomic interest. In this space we will find some more traditional cuts, such as Paquito, tournedó, churrasco or cheek fillet; other fusion cuts, such as the french rack, tomahack, T-bone, sheep tartare, carpaccio or picaña; or the elaborate ones, such as the sheep tart, ternasco flower or lamb cachopin.

In addition, every day, Interovic has organized some original Jam Sessions starring outstanding chefs such as Marc Segarra from Refectorio (Michelin star), Eduardo Quintana from La Bicicleta (Michelin star), Roberto Martínez from Tripea, Fernando del Cerro from Casa José restaurant and Antonio González, R&D chef who once held a Michelin star with El Rincón de Antonio in Zamora. They will all offer a series of tastings at the stand that will value lamb and kid meat as a natural and sustainable product.

Thus, Roberto Martínez will prepare an original green lamb neck curry, a ‘moruchino’ saam and a northern-style fried lamb dumpling, Marc Segarra will present a suckling lamb pâté and some fried suckling lamb dumplings; Fernando del Cerro will prepare a low loin of sheep with crystal shrimp chili, pickled onion and stems of nasturtium and watercress, a tomahawh of sheep and tree tomato sauce and a Paquito of babilla of sheep (male), Eduardo Quintana will surprise with a Paquito of loin in a mini-baguette and another of pulled lamb; and Antonio González will prepare a sheep tart, a bag of lamb and a lamb in puff pastry flower.

The most sustainable menu

In this edition, INTEROVIC will present on Tuesday 29 from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room a nutritional study that is being carried out within the framework of a collaboration agreement with the Complutense University of Madrid in the presentation ‘Conscious cooking. Lamb and kid meat, the sustainable alternative’. Doctors Beatriz Beltran and Carmen Cuadrado from the Department of Nutrition and Food Science of the UCM School of Pharmacy will present some of the conclusions they have reached after the nutritional assessment of lamb and kid meat recipes based on tables analytics already created by INTEROVIC.

“The study we have carried out focuses on seeing if it is feasible to include lamb and kid meat in a balanced menu according to different variables and nutritional values. And due to its composition, we have concluded that this type of meat is a perfect alternative within a complete menu given its special palatability and great value. Well used in recipes, it can favor that, in addition to being healthy, the menu is tasty and pleasant to the palate”, explains Dr. Beatriz Beltrán.

To put it into practice with real examples, live and during the presentation, the chefs Marc Segarra from Refectorio at Abadía Retuerta and Eduardo Quintana from La Bicicleta, both distinguished with the Michelin green star, are going to prepare a sustainable and balanced menu in which will include a lamb dish, Marc will go for the lamb dam and will complete the nutritional contribution with a salad of chard leaves, mint and pickled onion and Eduardo for the pastrami of lamb stuffed with suckling leg, the latter, a recipe divided into three sections served on the same plate: pastrami, curried quinoa with a red lentil cracker and a fermented tuber salad. Through this informal meeting, the presentation will have a dialogue format around the table where it will try to create a common language between pleasure and health in recipes.