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INTEROVIC presents its certificate in animal welfare for sheep and goat products

The Interprofessional Organization of Sheep and Goats for Meat launches the brand of commitment to animal welfare under the name Animal Welfare INTEROVIC Spain (AWIS). The objective of the seal is that the meat and products derived from sheep and goats have the guarantee of meeting the highest standards regarding animal welfare and traceability. To obtain this seal, the products must exceed more than a hundred requirements, established by the Interprofessional, offering and guaranteeing a high level of animal protection.

A commitment that arises according to Raúl Muñiz, president of INTEROVIC, because “it is our moral and deontological obligation, as committed professionals, ranchers and industrialists, to provide the animal with the necessary care and environment in all its production phases for its correct physical and psychological development. and ensure compliance ”.

Objectives of the seal

The main objective of this scheme is to certify optimal conditions in terms of animal welfare and avoid any situation of stress or unnecessary suffering in animals. According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIEi) it is proven that alterations in any of the five freedoms that it establishes have negative effects on their quality of life; Therefore, the ability to guarantee a natural behavior is essential for animals, but it is also necessary to ensure that they are well fed, protected and healthy.

This certification scheme covers all the links in the lamb and kid production chain, including suckers. From primary production, typing centers and feedlots, to the last stages of the production process, including controls at the point of sale. In addition, it also includes the certification of leather and wool.

The novelty of this scheme is that it is based on scientific-technical criteria, of more than one hundred parameters, which define in detail the situation in which a farm and its animals find themselves. In this way, by knowing the characteristics of the livestock environment and management, as well as the state and behavior of the animals, the well-being with which the suckers, kids or lambs produced under this seal are raised can be guaranteed.

AWIS Animal Welfare INTEROVIC Spain is part of the “Animal Welfare Commitment” seal that is being developed by several Spanish inter-professionals. A pioneering initiative worldwide that reflects the commitment of the sectors involved with the fulfillment of the highest standards of livestock welfare.

A useful, reliable and objective tool that INTEROVIC presents to respond to the challenges that society demands from the sector at this time and guarantee consumers the best care of animals.