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Interovic provide 700 kg of lamb meat for the menus of these holidays. Amaro Cordero de Riaza and Moralejo, among the main contributors

Interovic has joined the Red Cross to carry out a solidarity action and bring national lamb meat to those most in need during the Christmas holidays. Specifically, there have been several companies that have donated 700 kg of this product, both for cooking and already prepared, in an action promoted by Interovic and the Red Cross. Specifically, of the six companies participating in the action, 400 kg correspond to the following Anafric: associates: Grupo Amaro Corderos de Riaza S.L. and Moralejo Selección S.L.

These donations will be distributed in different centers in Logroño, Burgos, Asturias, Zaragoza, Ávila, Córdoba and Malaga. The interprofessional has donated 300 kg of lamb meat to different social dining rooms of Mensajeros de la Paz, two located in Madrid: El Pozo and Villaverde; and La Bañeza in León. It is the fourth consecutive year that this collaboration has been carried out and the objective of both initiatives is none other than to combat inequality at the tables and that everyone can enjoy a dish as typical as suckling pig, lamb and kid meat In Christmas.

The collaboration is part of the Más cerca es mejor project, the objective of which is to promote the consumption of nationally sourced suckling, lamb and goat meat.