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INTEROVIC reactivates “Compartiendo Soledad” to give telephone support to lonely people during Christmas

Control measures for the health pandemic are preventing many people who live alone, especially our elders, from receiving visits from their families and loved ones. People who are forced to give up contact with other people run the risk of psychological problems. One of the ways to alleviate them is the one proposed by INTEROVIC, to reopen the “Compartiendo Soledad” telephone line, an initiative that will be open from December 21 to January 6, 2021.


A non-profit initiative, launched during the state of alarm, with the aim of connecting people in need of company with sheep and goat herders when they are herding their flocks in the countryside. An opportunity to enjoy, through the eyes and testimonies of farmers, the peace typical of rural areas.

For the cost of an urban call, those who want to speak with a shepherd or listen to the atmosphere of the walks in the countryside and the movement of the herds will be able to do so from the comfort of their telephone. From Monday to Friday, from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon, lonely people have a way of escaping that loneliness … by sharing it.