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Interovic retakes El Paquito to promote the consumption of suckling pig, lamb and kid meat

Interovic once again puts El Paquito on the streets of Madrid and Valencia, a sandwich made with lamb meat that seeks to promote the consumption of this meat and “rejuvenate and expand the demand for the product, as well as offer a means of support to the hospitality sector, essential for the sheep and goat sector “.

During this month of October, more than 70 bars, markets and restaurants in Madrid and Valencia. Among the establishments that will give their version of Paquito are 7 Michelin Stars such as Javi Estévez and his delivery in John Barrita, Quique Dacosta in Mercatbar and Begoña Rodrigo in his recently released Farcit. For his recipe, the chef has chosen to cook it “with a very spicy tomato sauce and accompanied by a fresh vegetable salad.”

Mercados de Madrid has joined the initiative with the participation of the Chamartín Market to the Antón Martín Market, passing through the Prosperity Market, Tirso de Molina Market, San Isidro Market, Ibiza Market, Numancia and Torrijos Market. In all of them there are participating bars that will create and offer their own version of Paquito from today.

As stated by Tomás Rodriguez, director of Interovic, “consuming El Paquito means knowing a new way of consuming lamb while supporting the restoration and 150,000 producer families located mainly in emptied Spain.”