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Meat Attraction will be held from March 7 to 9, 2022, coinciding with Horeca Professional Expo

Finally and unanimously, Ifema and the Meat Attraction Organizing Committee have agreed, in an exercise of responsibility, to postpone Meat Attraction and schedule the main world meat fair from March 7 to 9, 2022. In the interim, Ifema will put in A telepresence event is underway in October 2021, Meat Attraction Live Connect, which will serve as a link to the face-to-face celebration of 2022, and which will allow the commercial and promotional activity of the sector to be kept alive.

This tool, Meat Attraction Live Connect, will be active from October 2021 until the face-to-face fair (March 2022); so that during the 6 months prior to the fair, national and international contacts can begin to be made.

Meat Attraction Live Connect

Every week from October until the physical celebration of the event, content and seminars will be developed themed by product categories, strategic international markets with b2b between buyers and exhibition offer, all areas of the value chain, and the different specific sections of Meat Attraction (Ibericoland, Ecorganic market, butchers shop, Innovation Hub).

Meat Attraction 2022

It will be an exceptional edition, which will give way in 2022 to a large call that can be held in a safe environment and in a context of recovery and reactivation of business opportunities at a domestic and international level.

With this objective, Japan and Canada will participate as invited markets to promote the export potential of meat products in these countries, strengthening the internationalization of Meat Attraction.

Horeca Professional Expo

The HIP (Horeca Professional Expo) fair is an annual innovation fair for the HORECA channel. A different and innovative platform to boost business with a disruptive approach with trends, products and specific solutions for each segment of the industry: bar, restaurant, hotel, community, take away or traveler services. In addition, it has Hospitality
4.0, the largest international congress on innovation and transformation of the sector.

Anafric and Meat Attraction

Since its first edition, Anafric has participated year after year with the largest grouped stand of the event and with more representation of fresh beef, sheep and pork. Anafric hopes that the 2022 contest will be held coinciding with the end of this pandemic and will be the springboard to the economic recovery of the Spanish meat sector.