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  • Sector: All Sectors
  • Fecha: May 2022
  • Referencias: ANAFRIC’s own
  • Anexos: Summary Legislation in the meat sector
  • Additional informationTechnical Area: Ligia Mato and Gemma Rodríguez

The Technical Department of the Association has updated again the summary which includes the main rules that affect the activity of our associates.

Even though this summary is quite complete, we can not guarantee that this document will contain absolutely all the rules of application, since an exhaustive recap could be an endless task and not very useful in practical terms.

In addition, we remind you that state and European regulations are subject to constant revisions and modifications, so this circular can be a good reference document, but it is essential to be aware of the changes in regulations that occur every day.

Also, we remind you to call the association if you have any questions or clarifications about these and other regulations.

We also remind you that the Technical Department of Anafric is at the disposal of its members for any query of technical, legislative, veterinary, foreign trade, and many other aspects.