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Fribin Receives Approval To Export Beef To Japan

Fribin receives approval to export beef to Japan

  • 18 January, 2020
FRIBIN, Anafric's partner, has just received approval from the Government of Japan for the export of beef from vacuno. This new breakthrough results in Fribin's goal of expanding its position in Asian markets, as the company guarantees the necessary high product quality - animals raised on cereals and under 30 months - together with a production system adapted to regulations .
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Japan Opens To Sheepmeat, Goatmeat And Beef From Spain

Japan opens to sheepmeat, goatmeat and beef from Spain

  • 17 January, 2020
Anafric, a Spanish meat business association, sees excellent news about the opening of sheep, goat and beef exports to the Japanese market, a very demanding market with very strict sanitary inspections. For now, the list of companies in the sheep and goats sector, the list of companies that can already export is 12, of which 60% are associated with Anafric, including Farras, Coviher, Murgaca and Moralejo .
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Health, Origin Of The Animal, Environment, Animal Welfare And Climate Change, Factors That Will Affect The Agri-food Market By 2030

Health, origin of the animal, environment, animal welfare and climate change, factors that will affect the agri-food market by 2030

  • 15 January, 2020
What is the expected trend in consumer trends in the EU? According to the European Commission's 2019-2030 Agricultural Outlook Report, social demand will be a key factor in shaping agricultural markets in the coming years. Health, food origin, environment, animal welfare or climate change will shape the evolution of the EU agri-food market in the coming decade.
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70% Of Consumers Want To Know The Origin Of The Food They Consume

70% of consumers want to know the origin of the food they consume

  • 14 January, 2020
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has published its latest monographic study (data third quarter 2019) with the objective of knowing the level of satisfaction and the climate of consumer confidence in relation to food labeling (for surveys of 1,500 consumers have been carried out).
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Red Meat Consumption Reduction Is Not The Solution To Greenhouse Gases

Red meat consumption reduction is not the solution to greenhouse gases

  • 10 January, 2020
The Oxford Farming Conference , which was held from January 7 to 9, is the most important event in the United Kingdom on agricultural products and livestock. There we will talk about veganism and flexitarism. One of the speakers, Alice Stanton, professor of cardiovascular pharmacology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, said in one of her interventions that fruits and vegetables had seen their nutrients decrease in order to meet demand.
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An Example To Follow: Know The Facts Before Deciding. Transparency Is The Best Way To Fight Fake News About Cattle

An example to follow: Know the facts before deciding. Transparency is the best way to fight fake news about cattle

  • 9 January, 2020
Joe Stanley, a farmer from Leicestershire, in England, has managed to flip a BBC video criticizing the intake of red meat. For 3 days, BBC Breakfast TV reporters have been able to live closely how cattle are cared for and monitored. Stanley has also made news in the national media, including The Guardian, in addition to becoming a driver of social networks.
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Grow To Improve. Improve To Grow.

Grow to improve. Improve to grow.

  • 20 December, 2019
The year 2020 is just around the corner. And it's time for valuations. And at Anafric we have a lot to be proud of. At Anafric we have a lot to be proud of. For almost 40 years, we have grown with our associates with the sole purpose of defending the interests of national companies in the livestock and meat sector, in a transversal and plural way.
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Moralejo Selección Promotes Its Flagship Product At Christmas, The Asadofácil Family, With A Fun Campaign: El Osado Del Cordero

Moralejo Selección promotes its flagship product at Christmas, the Asadofácil family, with a fun campaign: El Osado del Cordero

  • 16 December, 2019

More and more homes, the Asadofácil de Moralejo Selección is the salvation for the numerous Christmas lunches and dinners. With a cooking system awarded for its international innovation, an extended family of products and a fun promotion, the Asadofácil is in fashion. The promotion can be seen on different media including the renewed website, where the company has shown all its innovation and productive capacity, through the numerous products offered in more than 30 countries.

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Know The Facts Before Deciding. Are EU Livestock Sector (CHG) Emissions Increasing?

Know the facts before deciding. Are EU livestock sector (CHG) emissions increasing?

  • 6 December, 2019
Know the facts before deciding. Are EU livestock sector (CHG) emissions increasing? On the contrary, according to FAO statistics enteric fermentation coming from the EU livestock sector has almost halved its impact in the period 1990-2014. There has been a 51% drop in emissions from livestock as shown by the FAO statistics, largely due to the shift to a more specialised agricultural livestock system, with still relevant large margin for improvement.
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Know De Facts Before Deciding. How Much Water Does It Take To Produce 1KG Of Beef?

Know de facts before deciding. How much water does it take to produce 1KG of beef?

  • 5 December, 2019
It is often said that 15,000L of water are needed to produce 1Kg of meat. This is an example of a shock statement used to make good headlines, but the calculations are too often misunderstood and misquoted. With more than 90% of water consumed by livestock being ‘green water’ (rainfall), scientists calculate that 1kg of beef would actually remove around 50L of fresh water.
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Anafric Supports The Strategic Line Of Sustainability And Environment Led By The New European Commission

Anafric supports the strategic line of sustainability and environment led by the new European Commission

  • 3 December, 2019
The UECBV, the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union, and Anafric, a Spanish meat business association, support the new European Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen, and ask together with the Industry4Europe industrial forum for the assumption of a new strategic line for European industries that has sustainability and environment among its priority fields. Industry4Europe is a coalition of 149 sector associations representing the diversity of the EU industrial base, including the meat sector.
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Know The Facts Before Deciding. Animal Welfare

Know the facts before deciding. Animal welfare

  • 3 December, 2019
Animal welfare is an important concept. Many Europeans are concerned about the welfare of both farm and companion animals and it is an aspect in livestock farming that is often called into question. Views on animal welfare are very personal and the concept is much more complex than it seems at first sight. Ask 3 people what “animal welfare” means and you will most probably get 4 different answers – and this is perfectly understandable! This is why it is interesting to look at what science says about it.
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Know The Facts Before Deciding. A World Without Cattle?

Know the facts before deciding. A world without cattle?

  • 2 December, 2019
For Europeans and a majority of people around the world, a world without livestock is not something that is widely called for. Nevertheless, a minority fraction of the European population, are considering a world that is “free from livestock production”. This clear and radical stance may seem seductive to some who consider it a coherent vision for the future. However, the singular removal of an entire food group from our future would bring with it a number of consequences that are often ignored.
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