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‘Farm To Fork Strategy’: Planas Conveys Its Differences To The EU With What The Green Strategy For The Meat And Livestock Sectors Proposes

‘Farm to Fork Strategy’: Planas conveys its differences to the EU with what the green strategy for the meat and livestock sectors proposes

  • 12 June, 2020
"We do not agree with the treatment of the meat sector, the livestock sector. We believe that a thorough analysis is really necessary if you want to discuss the issue and not a brief reference in passing, which is what the document does, which seems to want to put In question, the production of this important sector, through our extensive livestock farming, for the economic and social reality of Spain as of many other countries of the European Union. "
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INTEROVIC And Amazon Collaborate To Offer Lamb Meat And Support The Sector

INTEROVIC and Amazon collaborate to offer lamb meat and support the sector

  • 9 June, 2020
The Interprofessional Agro-Food Organization of Sheep and Goats, INTEROVIC, in the face of the situation of stock of sheep and goat meat due to the closure of the HORECA sector, has carried out a search for alternatives that allow them to deliver their products directly to Spanish households, the only way to give output to the surplus volume, which is estimated at 70% of production. INTEROVIC and Amazon have worked together to market these meats through the Amazon Prime Now express delivery service available to Prime customers in Madrid and Barcelona. In this way, traditional producers and ranchers of sheep and goats hope to open cuts specially designed for home consumption, offering delicious, healthy meats with proven social and environmental benefits.
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The Fairs Are Back In The Food Sector. Registration Opens For Meat Attraction

The fairs are back in the food sector. Registration opens for Meat Attraction

  • 4 June, 2020
Meat Attraction 2021 has opened its registration period to participate in the next edition to be held from February 2 to 4. Organized by IFEMA and ANICE, the “Appointment with the best meats in the world” will pay a great tribute to all professionals in the meat industry on this occasion (#Proud of Our Sector). Anafric has participated in the different editions of the fair with a grouped stand. In this fourth edition, it will also. For more information about participation in Meat Attraction together with Anafric,
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10% Of Sheep Production Could Not Be Commercialized, According To Interovic

10% of sheep production could not be commercialized, according to Interovic

  • 29 May, 2020
In a news story published in the Revista Cárnica, Tomás Rodríguez, director of INTEROVIC, highlighted that nearly 1 million lambs have not been commercialized, a figure that represents 10% of production. during March and May, a period that coincides with the declaration of the state of alarm and with one of the most hectic moments of suckling pig consumption, around Semana Santa.
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Anafric Qualifies The MAPA Survey On Sheep Meat Consumption. First Look De Global Dades In Spain

Anafric qualifies the MAPA survey on sheep meat consumption. First look de global dades in Spain

  • 23 May, 2020
The consumption of sheep and goats is very low and very parked. In the food report published in June 2019, referring to the 2018 data, it is clearly seen how its consumption in households (it seems representative to us since at the time the price panel was carried out, HORECA did not exist ) down 8.5%. This means that if the average consumption of meat - in its entirety - was 46.19 kg per capita (person / year) in 2018, 72% of those kilos correspond to the fresh meat category *. But the specific consumption of sheep-goat meat is, according to the report data of 1.36 kg per person per year. Of which families with children only consume 0.52 kg per capita.
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Castilla-La Mancha Offers 6 Million Euros To Sheep And Goat Farmers In Animal Welfare

Castilla-La Mancha offers 6 million euros to sheep and goat farmers in animal welfare

  • 21 May, 2020
The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development of Castilla - La Mancha, Francisco Martínez Arroyo, has presented a series of grants for farmers and ranchers that extend those previously granted. Martínez Arroyo stressed that the lines of organic, grazing, beekeeping or indigenous breeds, as well as those of animal welfare and mountain areas, "are important aid because they are intended for those who most need the role of public administration" and is done, "Guaranteeing continuity and giving certainty, and with the consensus of all agrarian organizations and cooperatives".
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The Sheep Sector From Castilla Y León Shows Its Strength Despite The Crisis

The sheep sector from Castilla y León shows its strength despite the crisis

  • 20 May, 2020
Representatives of twelve cooperatives in the sheep sector, which market almost 80% of milk production, have participated in a videoconference organized by Urcacyl. Two months have passed since the State of Alarm was declared. All the cooperatives in the sheep sector in Castilla y León, belonging to Urcacyl, have not stopped their activity. Its workers continue to shoulder their shoulders day by day to continue serving their livestock partners, (collecting their products and providing supplies, food and technical advice) for the benefit of farms, consumers and their environment.
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Anafric Claims The Government The Immediate Return Of The Advanced VAT By The Meat Exporting Companies Due To The Lack Of Liquidity Due To The Inactivity Of The HORECA Sector

Anafric claims the Government the immediate return of the advanced VAT by the meat exporting companies due to the lack of liquidity due to the inactivity of the HORECA sector

  • 17 May, 2020
The meat sector as a whole is experiencing moments of extreme difficulty due to the COVID crisis 19. With the exception of a few large companies, most of the meat industry in Spain is made up of small and medium-sized companies that have completely lost their sales in the channel HORECA and proximity sales. They do not have money, but they have to face social security payments, taxes, rents and payments to suppliers, especially to farmers. There is a crisis in the sector that will be very difficult to overcome.
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