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The UECBV Asks The Commission To Urgently Introduce Market And Sector Support Measures To Help Operators And Producers In The Most Affected Sectors

The UECBV asks the Commission to urgently introduce market and sector support measures to help operators and producers in the most affected sectors

  • 21 April, 2020
The Union Européenne du Commerce du Bétail et des Métiers de la Viande (UECBV) -European Livestock and Meats Trade Union - the organization of national federations representing the livestock, live animal and beef, equine and horse traders, of sheep and pigs, and the meat industries (slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and meat preparation), has asked through a letter to the European Commission to introduce urgent measures to support the sector.
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EU Livestock Sector Ask The Commission For Urgent Measures To Combat The Effects Of Covid-19

EU livestock sector ask the Commission for urgent measures to combat the effects of Covid-19

  • 17 April, 2020
EU livestock sector ask the Commission for urgent measures to combat the effects of Covid-19 Copa and Cogeca, European agro-livestock organizations, hope that the European Commission and the Member States will seriously consider the necessary measures to safeguard these high-quality livestock sectors. The Food Magazine has prepared a report with the requests from the livestock sector to the European Commission, requests that we summarize in Anafric.
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Impact Of The Covid-19 On The Meat Shop In Europe

Impact of the Covid-19 on the meat shop in Europe

  • 16 April, 2020
When several weeks of confinement and a break in some of the productive sectors are completed in Spain and the rest of Europe, specialized butcher, delicatessen, poultry and shellfish establishments are still open throughout Europe, to supply consumers with basic products. of your diet.
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The Commercial Agents Of The Basque Country Are Making A Great Effort In The Commercialization And Collection Of The ‘latxo’ Lamb

The commercial agents of the Basque Country are making a great effort in the commercialization and collection of the ‘latxo’ lamb

  • 8 April, 2020
The crisis caused by the covid-19 has come to put more sticks on the wheel to a sector that, like sheep or goats, has its most important demand at certain times of the year. But if the mismanagement of those who have to coordinate and govern for all is added to the crisis due to low lamb prices, the feeling of uncertainty multiplies. This is what has happened this past week in the Basque Country.
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ASEPAL Facilitates The Contacts To Be Able To Acquire PPE

ASEPAL facilitates the contacts to be able to acquire PPE

  • 6 April, 2020
The Association of Individual Protective Equipment Companies (ASEPAL), an entity that encompasses more than 80 companies dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of personal protective equipment (PPE), has provided the list of company contacts to acquire Equipment for Individual Protection to fight against the Covid-19.
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Modified Transport Regulations For Companies Auxiliary To Food And Collection Of By-products

Modified transport regulations for companies auxiliary to food and collection of by-products

  • 1 April, 2020
This new order allows those vehicles destined for tasks such as the production, commercialization, transformation and distribution of agricultural, livestock and fishing products and their supplies to move; to the production, distribution, rental and repair of equipment and machinery for agriculture, fishing, livestock, and its associated industry; to the transport and treatment of agricultural, livestock and fishing residues and by-products, and the food industry.
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Certification Model For The Movement Of People From Essential Services

Certification model for the movement of people from essential services

  • 1 April, 2020
The BOE has published the model of certificate that the workers must carry to justify that they must continue to go to their job despite the paralysis measures decreed by the Government for all activities considered non-essential between March 30 and 9 of April. The BOE does not specify that the certificate is mandatory.
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