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EU countries, destination of German pork bound for China

China banned pork imports from the entire German nation after the first cases of ASF were detected. Despite the ban, fresh / frozen pork exports reached 174,000 tons, which is the highest quantity shipped in a single month since October 2012. Volumes were 38% (48,000 tons) higher than in August and 13% (20,000 tons) more than the previous year.

Most of the pork that would have been destined for the Chinese market was forwarded to the European market. Mainly Italy, Holland, Poland and Romania, as can be seen in this graph published by Eurocarne.

With China’s ban still in place, Germany will have to keep looking for alternative outlets for its pork exports. With only a few destinations outside of the EU accepting a regional approach to African swine fever outbreaks, the European market is likely to absorb most of the product that would have otherwise gone to China.