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San Pepito, beef sandwich to the rhythm of rap

Fans del Vacuno take advantage of the San José festivity to launch ‘San Pepito’ and vindicate the traditional beef sandwich within the 1st National Quarterly Miraelbuenrap BPZ contest, which will bring together the best “roosters” in Spain. It will be during the days 19 and 20 March, in the Zaragoza Amusement Park, where this good ‘pairing’ will take place between the veal nugget and the musical and artistic talent of rap lovers. The entrance to the event will include, along with the pass to see the best freestylers in Spain, a San Pepito.

The traditional and delicious ‘Pepito’, made with beef from our producers, will share the bill with freestylers such as Mr. Ego, Khan, MC Men or Burza, among many other names that will compete to take the throne.

With this collaboration, Fans del Vacuno aims to convey to young audiences the importance of following a varied and balanced diet such as the Mediterranean Diet, one of the healthiest in the world, where beef is present.

In addition, consuming Beef is an essential source of protein, vitamins and minerals essential for physical and mental development from the youngest to the oldest. Likewise, beef has an infinite number of cuts and ways of cooking that allow us to imagine a universe of very appetizing, quick and easy recipes.

´San Pepito´ wants to show the ideal ‘pairing’ that occurs between a preparation with so much tradition in our gastronomy such as pepito veal and the young public interested in music and art in general.

The first day of competition will begin on Saturday March 19 and the grand final will take place on Sunday March 20. Both tickets will include, along with the pass to see the best freestylers in Spain, a veal nugget.

In addition, Fans del Vacuno encourages all those attending the I National Quarterly Miraelbuenrap BPZ to participate in the Instagram raffle #MuyFansDelPepito, where incredible prizes will be raffled.