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Registration for the Conference ‘Animal welfare in transport’

FEDECOVA the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, ANTA (the National Association of Live Animal Transporters) and KPI Agroalimentaria are organizing the conference 'Animal welfare in transport', on March 3. Attendance can be online or in…

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Brussels studies excluding meat from its promotion policy

Expertos de la Comisión Europea y representantes de organizaciones debatieron sobre los próximos cambios en la política promoción agroalimentaria. Desde el equipo de promoción de la Comisión Europea, han explica a EfeAgro que existen tres opciones que la Comisión baraja para la próxima revisión…

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Germany plans mandatory animal welfare label

The German government plans to introduce mandatory animal welfare labeling as part of its efforts to transition to an agroecological system. According to the magazine Eurocarne, this label should cover the breeding, transport and slaughter of cattle. The new label,…

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