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Carne Y Salud: Livestock And Meat Production And Greenhouse Gas Effects During Covid-19

Carne y Salud: livestock and meat production and greenhouse gas effects during Covid-19

  • 1 May, 2020
The Carne y Salud platform has produced a report "Livestock and meat production and sustainability" in which perceptions will be crumbled Vs reality, sustainability and the European model of production, balanced consumption, which means the meat industry in rural areas and the sector's commitment to sustainability. Anafric is going to break down the report every week on Friday and we begin with the section dedicated, precisely, to greenhouse gas emissions.
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Can You Imagine A World Without Livestock

Can you imagine a world without livestock

  • 25 February, 2020
For Europeans and a majority of people around the world, a world without livestock is not something that is widely called for. Nevertheless, a minority fraction of the European population, are considering a world that is “free from livestock production”. This clear and radical stance may seem seductive to some who consider it a coherent vision for the future. However, the singular removal of an entire food group from our future would bring with it a number of consequences that are often ignored.
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Commitment To Climate Change Mitigation: What Is Life Beef Carbon

Commitment to climate change mitigation: What is Life Beef Carbon

  • 24 February, 2020
In our interview with Ganaderas en Red, it is stated that “There are many studies that show that extensive livestock not only does not influence climate change, but also reverses this process. The cattle of our companions are raised in extensive, in direct contact with the environment, therefore the livestock load is the optimum to take advantage of the grass and grass without reducing them or losing biodiversity ”.
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