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Moralejo Selección, Awarded With The Food Prize Of Spain For Food Internationalization

Moralejo Selección, awarded with the Food Prize of Spain for Food Internationalization

  • 24 July, 2020
Moralejo Selección has been awarded by the MAPA with the Food of Spain award for Food Internationalization. The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food recognizes with the "Food Awards of Spain 2019" the work carried out by companies and professionals who have distinguished themselves by producing, offering and disseminating Spanish quality food, as well as their contribution to the development of the food sector Spanish in a sustainable and efficient way.
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The Ministry And The Autonomous Communities Monitor The Temperature Of Livestock Transport During The Summer

The Ministry and the autonomous communities monitor the temperature of livestock transport during the summer

  • 24 July, 2020
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), in coordination with the autonomous communities, has launched an action plan for the control of temperatures in animal transport during the summer of 2020. It affects transport of more 8 hours to other countries, both within the European Union and outside it. The organizers of animal transfers have to make sure that the maximums allowed will not be exceeded and will have to deliver temperature records to the competent authorities once the trip is finished.
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Digital Cowbells To Geolocate And Monitor Livestock

Digital cowbells to geolocate and monitor livestock

  • 22 July, 2020
Several ranchers throughout Spain are installing livestock monitoring and geolocation devices on their animals these days. They are doing so thanks to the GELOB project, coordinated by the Union of Small Farmers and Livestock (UPA). The goal: to improve animal handling and avoid wolf attacks.
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The EU’s Farm To Table Strategy, Various Points To Consider

The EU’s Farm to Table strategy, various points to consider

  • 21 July, 2020
The European Union is preparing a strategy to achieve a healthier and more sustainable diet. It is the so-called Farm to Fork Strategy, which will mark the evolution of environmental regulations or policies as important as the CAP. The Farm to Table strategy will seek to foster the circular economy, reducing the environmental impact of food production and lowering the percentages of food waste. The Commission's estimates affirm that each year more than 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted in the world, a third of world production. The Farm to Fork strategy may have consequences for the meat sector, due to the persecution of greenhouse gases and the elimination of aid and meat promotion campaigns. From Anafric, we try to answer the questions that arise regarding the strategy, through Carolina Cururella, one of the association's technical professionals.
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The Parliament Of Catalonia Approves A Resolution In Favor Of The Meat Sector

The Parliament of Catalonia approves a resolution in favor of the meat sector

  • 17 July, 2020
The Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Parliament of Catalonia, in the session of June 30, 2020, has approved a resolution presented by the Parliamentary Group Socialistes i Units per Avançar, and the amendments presented by the Grup Parlamentari Republicà and the Parliamentary Group of Junts per Catalunya, a resolution in favor of the meat sector.
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Strong Increase In The Export Of Pork At The End Of The Year, According To The EU

Strong increase in the export of pork at the end of the year, according to the EU

  • 16 July, 2020
The EU Commission has recently published the summer edition of its short-term outlook for agricultural markets. The Commission believes that EU pork production will show slight growth in 2020 of 0.5%. This increase in production is expected to be supported by strong prices that encourage the expansion and return of domestic demand, particularly within the food service sector.
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Extremadura Approves Aid To Promote The Consumption Of Meat And Meat Products In The Region

Extremadura approves aid to promote the consumption of meat and meat products in the region

  • 16 July, 2020
The Extremadura Regional Government has announced that the Government Council will approve the Extremadura Demand Action Plan in the coming days to promote the revival of the Extremadura economy. A plan that will be endowed with 65.6 million euros to "help Extremadurans consume." The Board has announced the launch of an "exceptional temporary aid" of EAFRD Covid-19 PDR funds specifically for the agricultural and livestock sectors, especially for the fighting bull, the goat, the sheep, the horse or the Iberian pig in Estremadura.
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Campaign In UK For Countering Negative Information On Red Meat

Campaign in UK for countering negative information on red meat

  • 9 July, 2020
Institutions as AHDB, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) - Meat Promotion Wales, has carried out a series of activities in the past 12 months to help counter disinformation in the media about the role of red meat in the diet, providing scientific evidence-based information to consumers about the important health benefits of beef, lamb and pork.
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Ovine Forum 2020: Digital Edition From July 23 To 9. Sign Up Now!

Ovine Forum 2020: Digital edition from July 23 to 9. Sign up now!

  • 25 June, 2020
The National Sheep Forum is a technical congress organized by the Tierras magazine and the Oviespaña website, attended by some 450 professionals, who are the leaders who set the course for action in most farms, making it the most influential meeting of the year. for this sector. The six seminars will be organized on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week in sessions that begin at 6:00 p.m. and will last approximately 90-100 minutes.
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June 23, Lamb Day: Grazing, Sustainability And Lamb Meat

June 23, lamb day: Grazing, sustainability and lamb meat

  • 17 June, 2020
There are different types or model of livestock, the most widely used model for raising sheep is extensive grazing. That is, one that has a close relationship with the extent of the land where it develops. Extensive grazing is necessary to carry out extensive grazing. This territorial base provides sustenance for the sheep, since it is there where the animals have to feed. There is no other place to find optimal land for extensive grazing than in rural areas. We are talking about natural ecosystems, which although they have been modified by man, pastures, groves, crops, fallows, scrub areas, etc. They produce vegetables in a natural way whose only possible use is to feed the herds.
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June 23, Lamb Day. Ten Tips For A Perfect Lamb Barbecue And A Few Tricks

June 23, lamb day. Ten tips for a perfect lamb barbecue and a few tricks

  • 16 June, 2020
On June 23 the sector celebrates the day of the lamb. What traditionally was a day to gather and celebrate San Juan, today will again be a day of celebration and reunion in a country that, after three months of seclusion, needs to gather to celebrate. And nothing better than to do it around a barbecue with lamb meat at home with family and friends.
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The Horeca Sector Discovers The Best Cuts Of Lamb And Kid Meat For Delivery

The Horeca sector discovers the best cuts of lamb and kid meat for delivery

  • 12 June, 2020
European origin lamb and goat meats are an ideal option for all those who wish to add to their digital offer the added benefit of their inclusion on the menus. It is a local product, with proven environmental and social benefits. But, above all, it is about meats of gastronomic excellence whose handling in this type of elaboration is necessary to know so that the client at home enjoys them in all their splendor.
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‘Farm To Fork Strategy’: Planas Conveys Its Differences To The EU With What The Green Strategy For The Meat And Livestock Sectors Proposes

‘Farm to Fork Strategy’: Planas conveys its differences to the EU with what the green strategy for the meat and livestock sectors proposes

  • 12 June, 2020
"We do not agree with the treatment of the meat sector, the livestock sector. We believe that a thorough analysis is really necessary if you want to discuss the issue and not a brief reference in passing, which is what the document does, which seems to want to put In question, the production of this important sector, through our extensive livestock farming, for the economic and social reality of Spain as of many other countries of the European Union. "
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10% Of Sheep Production Could Not Be Commercialized, According To Interovic

10% of sheep production could not be commercialized, according to Interovic

  • 29 May, 2020
In a news story published in the Revista Cárnica, Tomás Rodríguez, director of INTEROVIC, highlighted that nearly 1 million lambs have not been commercialized, a figure that represents 10% of production. during March and May, a period that coincides with the declaration of the state of alarm and with one of the most hectic moments of suckling pig consumption, around Semana Santa.
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