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Anafric Highlights The Effort And Professionalism Of The Sheep, Cattle, Pig And Goat Sectors To Guarantee A Quality Service And Product During The State Of Alarm

Anafric highlights the effort and professionalism of the sheep, cattle, pig and goat sectors to guarantee a quality service and product during the state of alarm

  • 25 March, 2020
Despite the economic, service and transport stoppage, the threat of Covid-19 has further strengthened the meat sector. From Anafric, the Spanish meat business association, wants to send a message of tranquility to the Spanish population and, above all, to highlight the "enormous effort and professionalism" that the sheep, cattle, pig and goat sector are carrying out to comply with the safety regulations established by decree 463/2020 (link to all updates to the royal decree), on the one hand, and to have their products taken to distribution points through the road transport network. ”
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10,000 Veterinarians Contribute To Maintaining Supply And Food Security

10,000 veterinarians contribute to maintaining supply and food security

  • 24 March, 2020
More than 10,000 veterinarians are working these days in slaughterhouses, farms, food industries, aquaculture facilities, distribution companies, collective catering, official public health and inspection services, analysis laboratories or customs control, among other places, with the aim of guaranteeing the population supply and food security in Spain during the state of alarm.
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Thanks From Anafric For The Work You Are Doing

Thanks from Anafric for the work you are doing

  • 20 March, 2020
THANKS We can't think of another word from Anafric. Your support, your commitment, your trust and your effort will not be in vain. Together, we face this reality. And with the collaboration of all, we will leave. We are sure about it.
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Postponement Of Technical Vehicle Inspections

Postponement of Technical Vehicle Inspections

  • 19 March, 2020
The Ministry of Industry agrees to temporarily suspend the obligation to pass the ITV of vehicles while the Decree of declaration of alarm status remains in force. As FENADISMER, the national association of ITV stations, has been reporting, there have been many complaints that transporters and private drivers have been raising these days due to the lack of information regarding the obligation to pass the ITV of their vehicles, since while some stations remained open, others were closed, as is the case of the ITV Andalucía, Extremadura, Navarra and Asturias, due to their different legal management regime.
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The Closure Of Spanish Borders Does Not Affect Merchandise

The closure of Spanish borders does not affect merchandise

  • 17 March, 2020
The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has agreed to reestablish the controls of the Spanish land borders while the state of alarm lasts. The initiative, as assured by the minister, is within a policy of effective coordination with the European Union and with the autonomous communities.
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