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The FESNAD Congress concludes by analyzing the Mediterranean diet, the healthiest in the world

The professor and recognized specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Lluis Serra Majem, has been responsible for closing the IV Congress of the Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetic Societies (FESNAD), which was held this week in Zaragoza. There he has defended the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in favor of human health and the environment.

The Mediterranean diet is not just a set of foods, it is part of our cultural heritage that involves the way in which those foods are produced, processed and distributed, “he said.

Serra Majem also recalled that the latest research shows how the consumption of a Mediterranean diet accompanied by regular exercise, between two and three hours a week, prevents up to 40 percent of the risk of mortality. Specifically, it prevents diseases related to heart health, diabetes, cancer, depression or obesity.

Extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits, red meat, butter, legumes, fish, nuts and wine are part of the food base that a Mediterranean diet should contain.