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The food and beverage industry, essential to promote the economic and social development of Emptied Spain

The report ‘The contribution of the food and beverage industry to Empty Spain’, promoted by the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) and Cajamar Caja Rural makes it clear: The food and beverage industry is present in the municipalities that are home to 70.7% of the population of Emptied Spain, which confirms the sector as an essential agent for promoting the economic and social development of these areas, in addition to to help fight against depopulation and promote the territorial cohesion of our country.

According to the data of the Report, collected by, the food and beverage industry allows establishing a population of 834,737 people. In other words, 17% of the population of Emptied Spain is associated with industry activity.

In addition, of the more than 2 million direct and indirect jobs generated by the sector at the national level, 15% are located in Emptied Spain, a total of 305,424 jobs. In this way, the sector confirms its importance for labor development in these less populated areas, since 17.2% of total employment in these municipalities is associated with the food and beverage industry, while for the whole of Spain this percentage represents 10%.