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The Generalitat de Catalunya asks the city councils to keep open-air markets open

The Regional Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat, Teresa Jordà, has sent a letter to the presidents of the county councils so that they can extend it to the mayors asking them to “keep open non-sedentary sales markets of the food, which are municipal competence “.

The Ministry has shown its full support to a sector which the total confinement and the closure of bars and restaurants a few weeks ago has fully affected its activity and that has the Horeca channel, which serves to supply these businesses, as its main source from income.

The department created a line of aid last May aimed at small producers to buy merchandise from them and give it to the Food Bank to help their own sector and others affected by the current health crisis that has an endowment of 4 million euros . Anafric was one of the associations that had signed the agreement with the Generalitat to facilitate the most optimal way to get the meat to the Food Bank.

This initiative was operational until September 20. But it is possible that the business registry will reopen.