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The livestock sector: Great advances to limit the use of antibiotics

According to the ECDC (the Center for Disease Control, in its acronym in English) 75% of infections related to AMR (antimicrobial resistance) come from hospitals and health centers. Even if we were to completely stop using antibiotics in animals, the impact this would have on the problem of human antimicrobial resistance would not be significant.

The livestock sector has made great strides in limiting the use of antibiotics and making a valuable contribution to ensuring the responsible use of antibiotics. However, more efforts are needed from all sectors to ensure a One Health response to address antimicrobial resistance.

But, in this reality, antibiotics remain the only solution for treating bacterial infections in animals, just as they do in people. And it should always be up to the veterinarian to decide the optimal way to administer these medications, which remain under veterinary control and prescription.