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The Nutri-Score system works in Spain, according to the CIBER Obesity and Nutrition team


A team of researchers from the CIBER on Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN) shows that the system used for ‘Nutri-Score’ works in Spain, as it is planned for its implementation in our country.


The Nutri-Score model

Today’s food labels are difficult to understand and are written in fine print, which often cannot be read well. One solution is the food labeling called ‘Nutri-Score’, which has already been established in France and is like a traffic light that simply and clearly indicates to the consumer how healthy a product is.

It is the frontal labeling model that generates the greatest consensus in Europe, and the one that has recently been chosen by the Government of Spain for its implementation as part of a set of public health measures to reverse the epidemic of obesity and associated non-communicable chronic diseases to food.

‘Nutri-Score’ assigns points based on the nutritional composition per 100 g or 100 ml of each product and takes into account the content of both the less healthy elements (calories, sugar, saturated fat and sodium) as well as the most favorable (fiber, proteins and the percentage of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and olive oils or others similar in composition).

The final score is classified into 5 categories to show a graduation of 5 colors and letters on the front labeling. The best nutritional quality is marked with the letter A and in dark green, while the worst appears with the letter D and in red.