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The sheep-goat sector already have an extension of the standard published in the BOE

According to the BOE, the extension of the standard applies to the whole sheep and goat meat sector, based on the Interovic agreement to carry out research, development and technological innovation activities, carry out promotional actions that benefit the sector and improve information and knowledge on sheep and goat meat productions and markets, for five years, with mandatory financial contributions from producers and operators operating in Spain.


Purposes of the extension of the rule.

1. Promotion of research, development and technological innovation in sheep and goats, through:

a) The commitment to animal welfare: development, collaboration or promotion of projects that allow the evolution and improvement of all links in the chain, production, transport and slaughter in all matters related to animal welfare.

b) Participation in projects that allow access to knowledge on issues such as the carbon footprint of the sheep / goat sector, the assessment of CO2 emissions or the environmental balance in sheep / goat production.

c) Intervention in projects that promote sustainability in general as well as sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

d) Responsible and efficient production by the industry, guaranteeing animal-friendly production processes. Reduction of the presence of petechiae after stunning, improvement of the durability of lamb / kid meat.

e) The enhancement of the nutritional and sensory characteristics of sheep and goat meat.

f) Improving knowledge of consumer perception and current purchasing trends in order to provide consumers with information and knowledge relevant to sustainable development and a lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment.

2. Promotional actions that benefit the sector:

a) Generic promotion of meat and animal production.

b) Positioning of sheep and goat meat among consumers within the framework of a healthy, balanced and varied diet.

c) Promotion of suckling pig, lamb and kid meat as a main food in the Mediterranean diet.

d) Search for new consumers in foreign markets. Internationalization of the sheep and goat meat sector: opening of new markets and strengthening of open markets. Promotion of the differential values ​​of products from sheep and goats. Promotion in EU countries and in third countries.

3. Better information and knowledge about sheep and goat meat productions and markets:

a) Preparation and transmission of information to all links in the chain. Organization and participation in colloquia, conferences and forums where information is required.

b) Drafting, editing and dissemination of informative documents of interest to the sector. Publication of the results of R + D + i works. that allow to improve the knowledge about the productions and the markets.

c) Monitoring and analysis of the news published on the sector, in order to know the opinion of society about the meat sector in general and the sheep and goat sectors in particular. Establishment of forecasting and sector response systems.