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World Antibiotic Use Awareness Week. Objective, improve practices among health workers, consumers and politicians

From November 18 to 24, the World Antibiotic Use Awareness Week was held, with the aim of increasing global awareness of antibiotic resistance and promoting best practices among the general public, workers in the health and policy makers to prevent antibiotic resistance from emerging and spreading.

The National Plan for Residue Research (#PNIR), in force in Spain since 1989, is the instrument for controlling the presence of certain substances and their metabolites and drug residues in live animals and their products.

The Green Pact presented a few months ago by the European Commission has set the ambitious goal of reducing the use of antibiotics by 50% in the next ten years to fight against bacterial resistance.

The #Reduce program, framed in the National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance (#PRAN), has the main objective of minimizing the use of colistin in animal medicine, an antibiotic of critical importance for human health.